T-shirts decorated with cartoon fish are a dime a dozen on Cape Cod.  But the kids and parents who attended the MBL Club’s “Fish Stories and T-shirt Printing” last week took home a much better souvenir of the ocean — T-shirts that they printed with real fish.  You may not think fashion when you think fish, but these beautiful shirts may change your mind.


Five finished fish shirts. Photo by Lauren Fackler/MBL

To make the prints, the kids and parents painted freshly caught fish and then pressed them right onto the shirts.  MBL Club volunteer Alan Steinbach told stories and scientific yarns about each fish before helping the group make the prints. Steinbach even provided the fish, which he caught himself.

The MBL Club hosts weekly activities all summer long, as well as special events every Wednesday night for kids and adults.  Tonight’s event continues the scaly creature theme with a “Rainforest Reptile Show”!