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What happens when 18 or so scientists from all around the U.S. jam into an MBL lab for the hot summer months — and proceed to tackle a very hard research problem that could take years in an individual lab? An intense collaboration that works “shockingly well,” says Michael Rosen of the University of Texas, one of the investigators leading the HHMI Summer Institute at MBL. Here’s an article about the unusual collaboration in the fall issue of the HHMI Bulletin.


The HHMI Summer Institute in the MBL's Whitman Center in 2014. The group, which is led by three HHMI Investigators (Michael Rosen, Ron Vale, and Jim Wilhelm) is funded to return to the MBL each summer through 2017. Credit: Tom Kleindinst

The HHMI Summer Institute in the MBL’s Whitman Center in 2014. The multi-institutional group is led by Michael Rosen of University of Texas, Ron Vale of UC-San Francisco, and Jim Wilhelm of UC-San Diego. It is funded to return to the MBL each summer through 2017. Credit: Tom Kleindinst

Tom Delmont, a postdoctoral scientist in the Bay Paul Center, traveled on an icebreaker to the Southern Ocean (the recently named ocean that includes the Earth’s southernmost waters) to explore microbial interactions and primary productivity. His trip yielded contributions to a recent paper in PNAS as well as a peaceful video reflecting the beauty of the Austral Summer.

A surge of adrenaline is carrying Rae Nishi of University of Vermont to her new position as the Burroughs Wellcome Director of Education at MBL, effective January 1. She writes:

“Normally, by the time I hit mile 4.0 of my 5.2 mile weekend run, I am feeling my aches and pains and wondering whether I will be able to finish; however, the day after I accepted the offer to be director of education at MBL, I felt different. I was running with my head up and a smile on my face. I maintained speed on the uphill portions and even managed to sprint the last 100 yards. That pretty much embodies my feelings about my new job. I am optimistic, energetic, and willing to push hard. I am very much looking forward to working with all the great people who are at MBL.”

Looking forward to your arrival, Dr. Nishi!