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Ellen M. Walker, a student in SPINES (Summer Program in Neuroscience, Ethics and Survival) from University of Texas at El Paso, snapped this shot of her workspace at the MBL. Her story behind the photo:

“Throughout my summer here at MBL–whether it was preparing for a presentation after one of my course modules, reading about myosin Va and its action in the neuron for my independent study, or looking for journals the old-fashioned way, in the stacks, and marveling at finding the first volume of Nature and getting caught up in words like ‘whoso’ or ‘hitherto’–this desk on the fifth floor of Lillie has given me a sense of academic solace I cannot adequately or eloquently put into words.”

As a graduate student at University of Texas, Walker is studying how the brain affects behavior in nicotine and alcohol addiction. At the MBL, she has been working with Roy Larson of University of Sao Paolo, a visiting researcher in the Cellular Dynamics Program. Her independent project investigates the visual processing center in the brain of the migratory squid, Loligo pealei.

Duncan Mitchison-Field by Susana Montenegro Gouveia

Susana Montenegro Gouveia, a student in the Physiology course, is the winner of @MBL’s “Photo of the Week” contest. Susana won a free ticket to the MBL Gala concert, featuring the Tokyo String Quartet, this Sunday at 8 PM in Lillie Auditorium. Congratulations, Susana!

Gouveia’s photo shows Duncan Mitchison-Field, son of MBL visiting investigators Tim Mitchison and Christine Field of Harvard Medical School, engrossed in his own intellectual pursuits while his parents help guide Physiology students through their lab work.

“Sometimes (Chris Field) brings the kids with her to the lab,” says Gouveia. “They adapt so nicely to the lab environment, as though they were at home. Duncan was just seated in a corner of the lab, very focused on reading his own book. He was there for hours, so concentrated that he didn’t notice me taking his picture…It really seems that love for reading and acquiring new knowledge is part of his family. Duncan is very young but already shows lots of curiosity, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a great scientist in the future.”

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It’s summer! Welcome back to the MBL and our seasonal blog, @MBL. We are firing up our “Photo of the Week” series again, and we’d love to feature your shots of life at the MBL: what’s unique, intriguing, beautiful, funny, classic. Please send “Photo of the Week” submissions to, and include caption information (who, what, when, where, why).

Earlier this month, Loeb Laboratory suddenly morphed from a beautiful, but quiet, showcase for modern lab design to a energized beehive of MBL students and faculty. And over in Rowe Laboratory, the rooms are filling up with researchers from around the world. MBL Club activities began yesterday, and already there is a full schedule of lectures and other events on campus to inspire and entertain you. Have fun choosing!

Woods Hole aerial by Karen Casciotti

Woods Hole aerial by Karen Casciotti

Not only did Microbial Diversity students isolate glowing bacteria from Buzzards Bay, they streaked it inside a petri dish to make this bioluminescent logo. Watch for a new crop of creative students — and the return of our blog, @MBL — in June 2010!

Yat Fai (Michael) Yuen, a PhD student from Hong Kong, walked out of Swope one July evening and was intrigued by the sight of Eel Pond hidden in mist. “I went back to my room and got my camera. When I got back the mist had gone — it became suddenly so clear. And I took the picture,” he says. Yuen worked this summer in Rowe Laboratory with Prof. Andrew Miller of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Miller directs the Joint Universities Summer Teaching Laboratory (JUSTL), a program that brings promising young Hong Kong scientists to the MBL for summer research.

Eel Pond. Photo by Yat Fai Yuen

Eel Pond. Photo by Yat Fai Yuen

While some of the MBL courses have ended and students have re-dispersed, with promises to stay in touch, the Brown/MBL graduate students are looking forward to the academic year in Woods Hole. This photo of Brown/MBL student Anupriya (Priya) Dutta, who is pouring a gel in a Bay Paul Center lab at sunset, captures the long, light-filled days of August when the excitement of fall is still around the corner. Fellow Brown/MBL student Alex Valm took the photo of Dutta, who is working with MBL faculty member David Mark Welch on genome evolution of bdelloid rotifers.

Brown/MBL student Anupriya Dutta. Photo by Alex Valm

Brown/MBL student Anupriya Dutta. Photo by Alex Valm

The Neurobiology course took its annual boat trip to Devil’s Foot Island on July 8, with “Captain” Joe DiGiorgis of Providence College and “First Mate” Tom Reese of the National Institutes of Health charting the course. This day of relaxation, swimming, music-making, barbeque and games has become a much-appreciated course tradition. Two years ago, before returning to the MBL, the course left its mark on the island: a lovely squid in the sand. Thanks to Neurobiology faculty member JoAnn Buchanan of Stanford University School of Medicine, who took the photos!



Eel Pond, Woods Hole. Photo by Matt Person

Eel Pond, Woods Hole. Photo by Matt Person

Matt Person, technical services coordinator in the MBLWHOI Library, walked out of a movie in Redfield Auditorium one June evening and into this serene scene. “It wasn’t difficult to capture,” he says. “It was one of those moments when you know you are looking at something beautiful, and all you need is a camera.”